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Rollout Strategy

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Convene stakeholders and develop a rollout strategy document that includes decisions on programmatic design, introduction approach, planning calendar, and budget.


Having established the basic commitment and communication channels developed in the Engage Stakeholders page, the Ministry of Health is uniquely positioned to convene stakeholders to articulate a clear and comprehensive rollout strategy. This strategy can be drafted by a subset of the steering committee based on technical discussions, and then presented for review in a workshop setting. This process will ensure that the rollout strategy incorporates the perspectives of various partners, and will help to minimize delays or product shortages caused by confusion among partners.

The Ministry of Health, supported by partners, could consider using a phased approach to introduce the new product. For example, representative geographic subset of the country could be trained first in pellet provision, and materials or program design could be adjusted as necessary following evaluation. A scale-up plan would articulate the timings of further rollout across the country.

Recommended Rollout Strategy Outline

Section Content
Overview General HIV/AIDS program strategies and goals, current state of ART and LPV/r in country.
Rationale for LPV/r pellet rollout List of reasons for committing resources to introducing the product.
Objective of rollout Specific goals of new product rollout, including desired uptake and basic timelines.
Rollout and scale-up strategies
  • Program design considerations.
  • Geographic focus (if relevant) and scale up timeline.
  • Coordinating procurement with patient transition and scale-up timelines.
  • Role of partners in process.
  • Training timeline.
  • Initial Distribution Plan – how will anticipated products reach intended facilities.
Monitoring and Evaluation Plan Plan for determining if the rollout has been successful and how it could be improved.
Read the Monitor & Evaluate Rollout section of the toolkit for more information.
Budget Basic breakdown of anticipated financial requirements for commodities, roll-out trainings, monitoring and evaluation.