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Rollout Planning


Use the Activity Planning Calendar Tool to help determine a feasible launch date for the LPV/r rollout. This date is when you could realistically expect to have completed all the steps necessary to launch your LPV/r program.

How to Use The Activity Planning Calendar Tool

The Activity Planning Calendar Tool is an Excel spreadsheet with four tabs. Read the descriptions below and scroll through the screenshots, using the red arrows to the left and right, to better understand how to use the tool.

  • The first tab, Instructions, walks you through the calendar and the steps you should take and where you can find additional information.
  • The second tab, Activity Lead Times, is the main part of the calendar. On this tab you will be able to add a target launch date, estimate time for each activity and sub-activity in the rollout, and find out whether your target launch date is feasible.
  • The third tab, Activity Timeline, shows you a visual representation of the timeline from the second tab, clearly showing what activities and sub-activities need to happen when.
  • The fourth tab, Activity Descriptions, details typical activities and sub-activities that are needed to prepare for a launch and a suggested order for them to occur for greatest efficiency.

Download the Activity Planning Calendar Tool [XLS,137KB].