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LPV/r Rollout

Coordinating the rollout of a new product is a challenging process. Below are resources to assist in that process. They have been divided into two main stages: Preparation and Rollout.


Engage Stakeholders
Generate commitment among stakeholders and establish coordination roles and mechanisms.

Patient Eligibility
Determine what populations of children will be targeted in the initial rollout.

Rollout Strategy
Develop a rollout strategy including programmatic design decisions, rollout approach, and budget.

Rollout Planning
Use the Activity Planning Calendar Tool to help determine a feasible launch date for the LPV/r rollout.

Procurement Considerations
Ensure that the product is registered for import and map supplier requirements.

Estimate the quantities and costs of product needed for LPV/r pellet rollout and determine when the products should be ordered and delivered to ensure an uninterrupted supply for the program.

Plan for HCW Training
Provide health care workers who will be prescribing or dispensing LPV/r pellets with key information.

Initial Distribution Plan
Consider additional factors involved in the distribution process to ensure an efficient and effective process.

Risk Management
Use risk management approaches to predict and prepare for likely challenges to new product rollout and scale-up.


Monitor & Evaluate Rollout
Monitor the success of the LPV/r pellet rollout and evaluate progress if corrective action is needed.