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Find resources for Health Care Workers, Caregivers and for Rollout Planning and Management.

Rollout Planning and Management

Plan a Rollout Tool: Download the spreadsheet [XLS, 137KB] that will allow you to input a target launch date for the rollout and determine the required start date or to put in the start date and find out an estimated launch date for the rollout.

Fact Sheet on Lopinavir and Ritonavir (LPV/r) Oral Pellets: (From September 2015) WHO-endorsed high-level summary of the challenges addressed by the new formulation and the product's specifications.

Pediatric ARV 3-Year Forecasting Tool: Excel-based forecasting tool focusing on all pediatric ARV regimens within a national program. By entering data the tool produces a demographic-based forecast of requirements ordering timelines and cost. Use this tool to support forecasting efforts when covering the entire pediatric ART program.

Supply Planning for New Dosage Form of Lopinavir and Ritonavir Oral Pellets Policy Brief: WHO, IATT, and UNICEF September 2015 document listing important program design considerations and assumptions development for LPV/r Pellet introduction as related to forecasting and supply planning.

Facility Level Requirements Tool [XLS, 104KB]: This tool estimates the initial supply of a newly introduced product (such as LPV/r pellets) to deliver to individual facilities. Subsequent deliveries will account for changes in consumption patterns through the normal resupply calculation system.

Evaluating Forecasts: Questions and answers on evaluating the following: consumption-based forecasts; service data-based forecasts; services data-based forecasts for ARV drugs; and demographic (population data-based) forecasts.

Quantification Guide [PDF, 4.0MB]: (JSI document from January 2017) A comprehensive guide to quantification of health commodities intended for program managers and other public health supply chain partners. Includes detailed instructions for forecasting consumption for antiretroviral drugs. Also available in French [PDF, 884KB].

Pipeline Software [ZIP, 286MB]: A downloadable software which supports supply planning and pipeline monitoring. Available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Quantification of Health Commodities: ARV Companion Guide: Forecasting ARV Drugs Using the Morbidity Method. (USAID DELIVER Project from 2009) The primary focus and purpose of the ARV companion guide is to describe the process and the methods used for forecasting ARV drug needs.

Standard Treatment Guidelines (JSI from 2017): This database summarizes treatment guideline summaries for different countries.

Supply Chain Manager's Handbook: (JSI document from 2019) This handbook provides a high-level technical overview of the supply chain process.

Risk Management Guide [PDF, 360KB] (USAID DELIVER from June 2013): An in-depth technical report on approach and application.

TRAC Tool: An MS Excel tool built to facilitate risk identification and monitoring.

Risk Management Workshop Template Slides [PPT, 154KB] (From USAID DELIVER from 2013) and Notes [PDF, 212KB]: Resources for designing and facilitating a risk assessment activity.

Health Care Worker Pellet Survey [PDF, 101KB] (From AIDSFree) : Example survey of HCWs for post-rollout evaluation, including questions to evaluate the success of HCW trainings and the reactions of caregivers to the new formulation.

How to Introduce and Scale Up Sayana Press (DMPA-SC in Uniject) Chapter 10 (PATH 2017) [PDF, 4.8MB]: Guidance for monitoring and evaluation of new product introduction, tailored to introduction of a new family planning method but also including generic guidance.

Health Care Workers

Decide LPV/r Formulation Tool: The tool guides you through a series of questions about a patient's age, weight, antiretroviral regimen, and more to determine the most appropriate LPV/r formulation for the patient. You can also download a flow chart [PDF, 396KB] that will allow you to answer the same questions offline.

Weight Dosing Tool: This tool allows you to enter the weight of the child to view the dosing recommendation. Also download a spreadsheet [XLS, 285KB] that will allow you to make the same calculations offline or a printable version [PDF, 70KB] for posting on your wall.

Consolidated Guidelines on the Use of Antiretroviral Drugs for Treating and Preventing HIV Infection: These guidelines by WHO ( from June 2016) provide guidance on the diagnosis of HIV infection, the use of ARV's for treating and preventing HIV infection and the care of people living with HIV.


How to Administer LPV/r Pellets Slideshow: This slideshow includes simple, step-by-step instructions with pictures showing how to correctly give pellets to a child. It is also available as a downloadable PDF [PDF, 1.8MB], poster [PDF, 4.1MB] , and video.


All Toolkit Resources [ZIP, 12.3MB]: Save and download all of the toolkit resources as a ZIP file for use offline.