Health Care Worker Resources

The Health Care Worker section of the toolkit provides a series of tools and information to assist health care workers and other service providers with LPV/r pellet eligibility criteria, dosing information, clinical case examples, FAQs, instructions on administering pellets to children, and important points to include when speaking with caregivers. A caregiver is anyone who takes care of the child, such as a family member or guardian.

Information for Health Care Workers

About LPV/r Pellets
Provides information on which pediatric patients are eligible to take LPV/r pellets and why they are recommended for young children, It also provides a side-by-side comparison of the solution, pellet, and tablet formulations to help determine the appropriate LPV/r formulation..

Decide LPV/r Formulation
The Decide LPV/r Formulation tool starts with the age of the child with further determinations such as weight, swallowing ability, and status of treatment failure.

Weight Dosing Tool
Use the Weight Dosing Tool to determine the recommended number of LPV/r pellet capsules for the morning and evening doses, based on the patient's weight.

Administer LPV/r Pellets
Provides graphic, video, and written instructions to help health care workers or caregivers correctly administer LPV/r pellets.

Read Frequently Asked Questions
Provides a series of questions and answers about LPV/r pellets, their administration, and special situations that may occur when giving a dose to a child.

Case Examples
Provides an opportunity to practice LPV/r prescription based upon various ages, weights, and other patient functional abilities.

Information for Caregivers

Information for Caregivers
Delivers a checklist for health care workers to share with caregivers on why LPV/r pellets are needed and special situations they may run into.