Administer LPV/r Pellets

NOTE: there is a page under this page called "Written Instructions"

The method for giving pellets to a child will largely depend on whether they are breastfeeding or eating soft foods. Below is guidance for children in both stages as well as some administration tips and job aids.

Job Aids


Download this poster [PDF, 4.1MB] as a simple resource with pictures showing the steps for giving pellets to a child.


Watch this video which features a nurse preparing and administering the pellets. She explains the steps and demonstrates how to correctly give the pellets to the child.

Written Instructions

Read the written instructionswhich include administration tips and special situations to consider.

How to Administer LPV/r Pellets

Step 1
Take a clean tablespoon and set it on a plate or a dish. (You could also use a small container or cup.)

Step 2
Remove correct number of capsules (as prescribed by your doctor) from bottle and place on clean surface.

Select the food of your choice to use when giving the child pellets. The food should either be semisolid or liquid such as porridge, yoghurt, milk, water, or other foods available to you.

Take a capsule, hold it vertically then twist it in opposite directions while pulling gently to open it.

Take a capsule, hold it vertically then twist it in opposite directions while pulling gently to open it.

If using semi-solid food:
Step A: Put a little food onto the spoon.

Step B: Pour some more food onto the spoon to cover the pellets.

Step C: Pour the required amount on the pellets on the food. It is advisable not to pour large quantities of pellets. Pour about one or two capsules at a time. Make sure that all pellets are on the spoon and that no pellets fall off.

If using liquids:
Step A: Pour pellets into a clean spoon.

Step B: Add a small amount of the liquid on top of pellets but do not try to dissolve.

Do not let the pellets stay for long in the liquid as it will become sticky and develop a bad taste.

Step A: Feed the baby with the food or liquid containing the pellets immediately.

Step B: Follow up with more food or liquid to ensure that they swallow all the pellets.

Repeat until all the capsules are finished.

Finally, check the child's mouth to ensure that no pellets remain.

For Babies who Breastfeed Exclusively
Step A: Place a little expressed breastmilk into a clean container.

Step B: Pour a small amount of the pellets on the spoon.

Step C: Add a little breastmilk on top of the pellets but do not mix or dissolve.

Step D: Follow up with more breastmilk to ensure that the baby swallows all the pellets.

Repeat this until all pellets are finished.

Advice for caregivers
Give pellets with food/beverage that child prefers to take and will swallow without chewing.

If child is resistant or vomiting pellets, try to administer fewer pellets at a time.

Ensure no pellets remain in the mouth as it will develop an unpleasant taste after a short time in the mouth.

Capsules must be opened to administer pellets. Capsules should NOT be swallowed.

Download a PDF of the slideshow [PDF, 1.8MB]