LPV/r Pellet Toolkit

Lopinavir/ritonavir (LPV/r) pellets are a new formulation of a pediatric HIV medicine. The LPV/r Pellet Toolkit provides information on how to implement rollout of LPV/r pellets into the national health care system in the Rollout Planning and Management section. The toolkit also provides clinical information on LPV/r pellets in the Health Care Worker section, including recommendations on dosing and administration of the medication, as well as resources for working with caregivers.

The information in the LPV/r Pellet Toolkit can be accessed on mobile smart phones and tablets as well as laptops, and the pages and tools are available to download for offline use.

Rollout Planning and Management

The Rollout Planning and Management section of the toolkit is intended as a guide for employees of the Ministry of Health, implementing partners, and other key stakeholders involved in rolling out LPV/r pellets nationwide. This section includes information on programmatic decisions, working with stakeholders, planning for initial distribution of LPV/r pellets, and eventual management of the supply chain. There are also interactive tools to help calculate the timing of the various processes, quantities of LPV/r pellets required, and how to get the product to health facilities. The tools are intended to be used as a resource to guide the process as a reference, and to provide suggestions.

Health Care Workers

The Health Care Worker section of the toolkit provides clinical resources for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other service providers involved in prescribing or distributing LPV/r pellets to pediatric patients. This section provides an overview of LPV/r pellets and why they are recommended for babies and children, instructions on administration, and tools for health care worker training, such as case examples and frequently asked questions. It can also be used as a resource to decide which ARV formulation is appropriate for a patient and to determine or verify dosing. There is also information for health care workers to use when introducing LPV/r pellets to caregivers to help them understand the medication and effectively administer pellets to their child.

Download Toolkit

The toolkit is also available to download as PDF and Excel files for ease of working offline.

We would like to acknowledge the assistance of many people in the development of this toolkit.